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Music Man Luke III Review

Shouldn't I just get a Fender or a Gibson?

Musicman Silhouette Special Review

It’s just another Strat copy, right?!

Cornford MK50 II Review

Is it time to forget about Cornford and move on to another amp?

Wampler Dual Fusion Tom Quayle Signature Pedal Review

Wampler... what’s all the hype about?!

Digital V Analogue Delay Can You Tell The Difference?

Most digital delays these days aim to sound as ‘analogue’ as possible. Take our blind test and decide for yourself if they’re even better than the real thing…

Fender’s Offsets: From Lo-fi Laughing Stock To Hi-cred Classics?

Serious guitarists gather on street corners to point and sneer at Jazzmasters, Jaguars and the other ‘offset waist’ Fenders. Or at least, they used to...

Guitar Planet's Gear Of The Year 2012

Revealed: our final word on the best guitar, amp and pedal of 2012. Just in case Father Christmas brought you hard cash this time...

Gibson Midtown Custom: Is It A Flat 335 Or A Hollow Les Paul?

The ‘Big G’ seems to have every base covered with its classic solidbody and semi-acoustic models, but the Midtown is aiming for a little gap in the centre…

Big Joe B-404 Vintage Tube 2: Classic Crunch In Four Flavours

This US-made overdrive pedal promises to spice up your tone with a hefty dollop of authentic mojo – and there’s a four-way voicing switch for added flexibility

Big Joe B-401 Saturated Tube: Looks Like Blues, Sounds Like Rock

Decorated in memory of a Mississippi bluesman, this American boutique stompbox is packing a lot more distortion than you might expect

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