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Album Review

Wolves In The Throne Room - Celestite

Wolves In The Throne Room lay back and gaze skyward on their fifth studio album.


Paul Gilbert releases the new album “Stone Pushing Uphill Man”

Paul Gilbert "Stone Pushing Uphill Man" available August 5th at finer record stores,, iTunes and Shrapnel Records Inc.[more]

Album Review

Manic Street Preachers - Futurology

Where on earth did this come from? The Manic Street Preachers radically change course on their 12th studio album.


Carl Verheyen of Supertramp Releases New CD 'Mustang Run'

Much to the excitement of guitar players and Supertramp fans worldwide, guitarist Carl Verheyen has released his new CD 'Mustang Run'. In his 40-plus years of playing the instrument, Carl Verheyen...[more]

Album Review

Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun

Mastodon set course for superstardom with The Hunter, but will they find hit making harder than they bargained for on Once More Round The Sun?


Mayhem & Mythology: The Libertines At Hyde Park

For once, the drama at this Libertines show isn’t on stage, but in the audience as all hell brakes loose.


Women’s Road to Rock Guitar

Alfred Music encourages women to express themselves by learning how to play lead and rhythm guitar with the new method Women’s Road to Rock Guitar. Written by successful rock guitar performer and...[more]


Richie Sambora And Dolly Parton Stun London’s O2 Arena With Unforgettable Surprise Duet

Celebrated American rock icon Richie Sambora stunned the sold-out crowd at Dolly Parton’s London O2 Arena show when he made a surprise appearance on stage with the legendary entertainer.[more]


Metallica vs. Glastonbury: Will Metal Triumph At The World’s Most Famous Festival?

We’re just days away from Metallica’s historic headline set at Glastonbury, but will metal’s greatest goliath be accepted in the hippy heartland?


Music Man Luke III Review

Shouldn't I just get a Fender or a Gibson?

Album Review

Neil Young - A Letter Home

On the verge of releasing a piece of state of the art tech, Neil Young reaches back to the 1940s for his latest album, there’s only one question: why?


Shure Europe Annouces "Paly for LA" Guitar Contest

3-day Trip to LA & admission to NAMM & Shure Digital Guitar Systems to be won in Shure's 2014 Europe-wide competition![more]

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