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09.04.2014 21:14

Count's 77 To Release Debut Album

Count’s 77 featuring Danny “Count” Koker of HISTORY’S hit TV series “Counting Cars” to release debut album with Shrapnel Records on April 29

Cat: News, Cover Story
26.03.2014 07:38

The Deafheaven Interview: Making The Album Of The Year

In this exclusive interview Kerry McCoy explains how Deafheaven created the beautiful but brutal sounds of Sunbather.

Cat: Cover Story, Interview
23.03.2014 21:48

Fender Creates Unique Mlb-Themed Stratocaster Guitars For Musicians And Baseball Enthusiasts

Fender will offer fans collectible MLB-themed electric guitars that sound as great as they look.

Cat: News, home, Cover Story
03.02.2014 20:41

Avenged Sevenfold: The Next Great Metal Headliner?

Download Festival are trying to snap metal out of the nostalgic doldrums by creating a brand new headliner, but are Ax7 the next big thing?

Cat: Features, Cover Story
27.01.2014 21:02

The Grammys: Lindsey Buckingham’s Redemption & Mixed Signals For Guitar Music

New guitar heroes struggle to make an impression as the legends of yesteryear triumph at The Grammys; meanwhile Lindsay Buckingham finally gets his due.

Cat: News, home, Cover Story
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