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Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay: Ancient Tone, Modern Control

This Canadian-made delay factory promises tape-style filtering and modulation plus all the flexibility of digital – can it deliver the best of both?

Thursday, 25. October 2012  -  by  Fabrizio Barale

This may look like the old Superdelay with a new paint job, but Empress claim to have combined the impressive sounds and features of the original with a whole load of added vintage mojo. The pedal’s ‘tape’ mode now has extra compression, grit and saturation for more of that classic Roland Space Echo / Watkins Copicat warmth. And you still get all the other good stuff, including reverse delays, multi-taps, looping, tap tempo, tweakable modulation and a delay time of up to 2.8 seconds. There are high and low-pass filters, and you can even store up to eight presets.


  • 2.8 Seconds of Delay Time
  • 8 modes - normal, tap, autoset (delay time is set by tempo played), reverse, rhythm mode (multitap), tape mode, misc (dynamic, gate), and 11 second looper.
  • Expression Pedal Input
  • High Pass/Low Pass Filter - high pass is good for electronic music, low pass is sweet for darker analog delay type sounds.
  • Fast/Slow Modulation
  • 8 Presets - Settings can be saved to 8 presets. With three stompswitches, accessing the presets is easy.
  • Tap Tempo with Ratios - many of the modes use tap tempo, and the ratio selection makes fast in-time delay times easy.
  • True Bypass


Reverend Charger 290, Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay, Orange AC30


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