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20.10.2014 21:07

AC/DC Are Back! But Why Do They Get A Free Pass?

Legendary acts are savaged by critics and dumped by fans for failing to change with the times, but not AC/DC, why do they remain bullet proof?

Cat: Features
18.10.2014 10:57

The Verdict: Foo Fighters – “Something For Nothing”

Guitar Planet weigh in on the Foo Fighters’ Chicago inspired comeback single.

Cat: Features
15.10.2014 20:53

Ex Hex - Rips Review

Wild Flag are no more, but that hasn't stopped Mary Timony, she's back with a new 70s tinged band and the sharpest, slickest, songs of her career to date.

Cat: Album Review
07.10.2014 07:22Marmozets

The Marmozets Interview: "We Are Our Own Animal"

Lead guitarist Jack Bottomley walks us through the snakey guitar work and impossible-to-pin-down sound of one of the world's most exciting (and thrillingly different) new bands.

Cat: Interview
01.10.2014 20:56

The Top 5: The Who Tracks

As The Who gear up for their 50th anniversary, Guitar Planet ponders their five greatest tracks, but what will make the cut: My Generation? Who Are You? Love Reign O'Me?

Cat: Features
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